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Interconnected The Power to Heal From Within

Interconnected The Power to Heal From Within
Interconnected: The Power to Heal From Within
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Hosted by Pedram Shojai

Heal Your Gut and Reclaim, Restore and Rejuvenate Your Health
Own the Entire 9-Part INTERCONNECTED Documentary Series Plus Essential Bonuses, Including:
Deep Dive Director's Cut Interviews and Transcripts
Step-by-Step How-To Healing Guides
Clarifying LIVE Q & A Sessions with Renowned Microbiome Experts
And 10 More Must-Have Bonuses
210-Page INTERCONNECTED Companion Guide
Go With Your Gut: Why Your Health Depends On Healing Your Microbiome...
Obesity... Diabetes... Cardiovascular disease... Autoimmune disease... Celiac... IBS... Crohn's... Skin Disease... Allergies... Parkinson's... Depression... Autism... Cancer... the list goes on.
In INTERCONNECTED: The Power to Heal From Within you'll discover the latest health breakthroughs to treat, manage and even reverse chronic disease. Taking this information home can save your life.
Our 7 Step Action Plan is designed to help you feel better immediately.
A True Breakthrough In Our Understanding of The Human Body
You're about to discover a revolution in medical science. One that holds the key to preventing and even reversing chronic illness and disease.
So what's the secret?
Your gut microbiome. Like an entirely new organ recently discovered, it 'interconnects' with all your other organs. Your microbiome regulates your immunity, your overall health, even your mental state.
Yet, only now are we beginning to understand how it works and how to control it...
Reversing Chronic Disease Begins In The Gut
Our understanding of the microbiome is changing the way we look at healing. There's a new ECOLOGICAL approach to medicine that looks at the interconnected web of life and organ systems functioning in harmony. It's a holistic understanding of the body that embraces the wisdom of mother nature while using the latest scientific research.
There has never been such a wealth of knowledge on gut health and the microbiome in one place.
Learn from the world's leading scientists, doctors, and health experts. All distilled into one easy to understand resource for you to watch, and rewatch, any time you want.
Up until now, medicine has focused on matching up treatments with other patients who have similar ailments. If this worked for them, then surely it will work for you. Right? Wrong...
Breakthrough research into the microbiome is leading us to a more personalized, individualized medicine.
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