Intrigues of the Solar Fae Cour – Ivy Clyde

Intrigues of the Solar Fae Cour – Ivy Clyde
epub | 708.4 KB | English | Author :Ivy Clyde | 2020

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A lonely, abused girl with an erased past. Three ruthless fae princes fighting for the throne.
An undeniable destiny bringing them together to face the deadly political games of the royal fae court.
Something deep inside me calls out to men, turning them into monsters that hunger for my flesh. Bullied and abused all my life, I am used to hiding myself but things take a horrible turn on the eve of my eighteenth birthday when I turn into a monster myself, killing those who come to hunt me.
Discovered by an agent of the local paranormal bureau, I am taken to Belenus Court, a training ground where young fae are taught to manifest and control their powers. Before I can adjust to the idea of not being human, an ancient mating mark is discovered on me, sealing my fate to the heirs of the fae king.
Prince Rowan, Cade and Leon are as dazzling as they are cruel. They only care for power. Neither of them wants a mate who was banished to the human realm to grow up without an ounce of magic in her veins.
I am openly rejected by the three princes but that doesn’t keep the vicious power-hungry fae from trying to kill the girl who has come to steal the princes for herself.
They want to get rid of me. To see me destroyed.
They can try their best because I am done being a victim of my bullies. My magic is just awakening and it won’t be long before I destroy those who threaten my life.
The only thing I never expected was to come face-to-face with the darkness the royal court hides in its polished halls and the only people I can trust to get me out alive are my three tormentors.
Intrigues of the Solar Fae Court is the first book in an intrigue-filled whychoose paranormal romance that support’s our heroine’s right to choose more than one mate. Get ready for this captivating tale full of heart-pounding romance and edge-of-your-seat action.
Note: The Lumina Fae Chronicles is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their fantasy fiction with no restraint to language, violence and heated scenes. Themes include enemies-to-lovers romance, fae court politics, fated mates and bully romance.

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