Mid Century Modern Furniture Shop Drawings Techniques For Making 29 Projects

Mid Century Modern Furniture Shop Drawings Techniques For Making 29 Projects
pdf | 7.16 MB | English | Isbn:B00WN8PL7Y |Author: Michael Crow | Page: 178 | Year: 2015


Minimalist design–maximum style!

In the middle of the last century, a new generation of designers sought to render furniture to its most essential forms. In doing so, they created timeless designs that defined Mid-Century Modern Style. From the sleek geometric lines of Bauhaus-inspired design to the sculptural shapes of Danish masters, this furniture captured the imagination of the era and enjoys growing popularity today.

Now for the first time, author Michael Crow has carefully detailed 29 seminal works by the era’s foremost designers, including Hans Wenger, Finn Juhl and George Nelson. At their best, these spare, often sculptural designs transcend their period and are at home in a variety of settings. Each piece has been selected carefully so it can be built in an average workshop. Inside this book you’ll find:

• More than 100 drawings with exploded views, elevations and details for projects to fit every room in your house.
• Practical advice on wood selection, hardware sources and contruction and finishing techniques.
• Two step-by-step project builds.
• A richly illustrated historical overview tracing the evolution of the style and exploring the designers and makers who shaped it.

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