Knots The Complete Visual Guide

Knots The Complete Visual Guide
pdf | 63.1 MB | English | Isbn:978-0756690540 |Author: DK | Page: 400 | Year: 2012


With step-by-step color photographs, the highly visual Knots: The Complete Visual Guide is a clear, comprehensive, and practical guide to tying more than 100 knots.
From choosing, using, and maintaining ropes, to learning about the different families of knots – from stopper knots; binding knots; bends; hitches; loops; plaits and sennits; and splices and whippings – Knots: The Complete Visual Guide is the ultimate guide to tying knots for every occasion, from outdoor use in a host of recreational activities, to practical functions around the home.

Category:Knots, Macrame & Rope Work, Hiking & Camping Instructional Guides, Survival & Emergency Preparedness

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