Jumping Into C

Jumping Into C
pdf | 5.76 MB | English | Isbn:B00F9311YC |Author: © Alex Allain (www.cprogramming.com) | Page: 381 | Year: 2013


Want to learn to code? Want to learn C++? Struggling to follow your lecturer or books and tutorials written for experts? You’re not alone. As a professional C++ developer and former Harvard teaching fellow, I know what you need to know to be a great C++ programmer, and I know how to teach it, one step at a time. I know where people struggle, and why, and how to make it clear. I cover every step of the programming process, including:

Getting the tools you need to program and how to use them
Basic language feature like variables, loops and functions
How to go from an idea to code
A clear, understandable explanation of pointers
Strings, file IO, arrays, references
Classes and advanced class design
C++-specific programming patterns
Object oriented programming
Data structures and the standard template library (STL)

Key concepts are reinforced with quizzes and over 75 practice problems.

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