Troubleshooting and Maintaining – Dan Gookin

Troubleshooting and Maintaining – Dan Gookin
epub | 13.18 MB | English | Isbn:1119740304 |Author: Dan Gookin | Page: 437 | Year: 2021


Show your PC who’s boss  
Nothing’s more annoying than a tech malfunction, especially when it’s your PC-with the exception of perhaps wading through reams of random, unreliable theories online looking for a solution, or paying an expensive tech geek to show up to perform a five-minute fix. The latest edition of Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies puts all this frustration behind you and gets you straight to work solving the problem yourself! 
In his straightforward, friendly style, Dan Gookin-bestselling tech author and all-round Mr. Fixit-packs everything you need to know into 5-books-in-1, giving you the knowledge and process to hit on the right solution, fast. From identifying common problems to methodically narrowing down to the correct fix,…

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