Android Application Development – Barry Burd

Android Application Development – Barry Burd
epub | 15.89 MB | English | Isbn:B08D6JKJ8H |Author: Barry Burd, John Paul Mueller | Page: 800 | Year: 2020


Android Application Development For Dummies All-In-One, 3rd Edition gathers six Android For Dummies mini-books into one friendly guide. You’ll go from Android newbie all the way to confident programmer and learn to develop apps for the world’s largest smart phone market. Kotlin experts Barry Burd and John Paul Mueller introduce you to Android programming from start to finish!
Like all For Dummies books, this guide is written with clear explanations and careful organization, so non-technical readers and experienced programmers alike can get up to speed quickly. This new edition covers the latest features and enhancements to the Android platform.

  • Learn how to develop apps for all sorts of devices including: your smartphone, tablet, wearables, TV, auto, and Internet of Things (IoTs) like your refrigerator
  • Discover the new Kotlin programming language, which makes development easier
  • Create apps even faster than before using…
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