Seattle Street Art A Visual Time Capsule Beyond Graffiti

Seattle Street Art A Visual Time Capsule Beyond Graffiti
epub | 8.77 MB | English | Isbn:B009LAMH3I |
Author: A. Tarantino | PAge: 102 | Year: 2012


This book contains over 100 original street art and graffiti photographs taken in the City of Seattle, Washington USA. It’s an effort to help capture and preserve the temporary public expression that appears in the streets.
Book Introduction:
Aside from its rain and coffee, Seattle is known for many things subversive, from Grunge music to the activist driven WTO riots. This region of America raised the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. Today, there is a culture here that is only represented anonymously in the reclaimed public spaces of the city.
Images dot the urban landscape in the typical street mediums that are used across the globe: spray paint, stickers, paste-ups, stencils, wheatpasting, posters, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing, installations, post-graffiti, mosaic tiling, murals, wood-blocking, LED art, reverse-graffiti a.k.a. green-graffiti, cuprocking and yarn bombing.
You will see that these are not…

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