Your Money – Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert

Your Money – Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert
epub | 854.98 KB | English | Isbn:B00EGWJQGM |
Author: Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert | PAge: 71 | Year: 2011


Packed with tips and resources for making your cash go further in the current economic climate. Organise a swap party – clothes, seeds, toys – why buy new? Buy food in bulk food with friends – bring the price down. Save money on the cinema – create a DVD club. Take a flask of coffee to work and save over GBP 1,000 a year; Join a car share club – you don’t need a car! With recession taking hold and the credit crunch biting, it’s not all doom and gloom; whilst it may be harder to make ends meet, there are a lot of little things that you can do to save money, and a lot of money saving ideas give you the chance to get together with other people, cut your waste down and slow down a bit. Your Money is a simple A-Z guide packed with tips for saving money on everything from credit cards to car boot sales and toys to travel; whether it is managing your mortgage or your mobile phone, finding freebies or creating different ways of having fun which cost pence rather than pounds, this book gives you the information and ideas you need to save cash and ride out the hard times.

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