Unleashed (Unmatched Book 2) – Alyssa Turner

Unleashed (Unmatched Book 2) – Alyssa Turner
epub | 572.45 KB | English | Isbn:B088C4GK6V |
Author: Alyssa Turner | PAge: 308 | Year: 2020


Unleashed is book 2 in the Unmatched Series.

The sound of a whip licking the floor should cause her to tremble. The whistle hiss of it cutting the air should tell her to run. The pin-prick kiss of leather should make her wince. These would be normal reactions, but Samantha Hunter couldn’t go back to being normal if she tried. 

Oleg, her Master, is a king among kings in the BDSM world. He’s broken his promise to join two Mafia dynasties in an arranged marriage. Now a woman is dead and he owes a debt. Oleg will keep the woman he loves safe, even if it means placing her in the care of his oldest friend.

Dr. Henri Gerard is an expert with a knife. It’s his own scars that never seem to fade, and he is not alone. Sharing a scene is nothing new for him or his brother Doms of Club Duval. When one is made whole by the perfection of absolute control, the others feel gratified to witness it. But never, not once, have any of them shared a woman’s heart.

Is there room for two Doms to love one submissive? It won’t be easy… good thing Samantha likes things hard. 

The Unmatched Series is part of the Love Has No Regrets collection.

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