Tip of the Spear – Ryan Hendrickson

Tip of the Spear – Ryan Hendrickson
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The inspiring story of a US Special Forces soldier who was medically retired after stepping on an IED, and his incredible return to active duty.

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Ryan Hendrickson is a brave, determined, and courageous soldier-a Green Beret clearing the way for his twelve-man team while conducting combat operations against the Taliban. As the "tip of the spear," his role is to insure the route taken by U.S. and Afghan troops are free of IEDs-improvised explosive devices. Many soldiers do not survive their last step; those who do often lose at least one limb.

While rescuing an Afghan soldier outside a mud-hut compound in 2010-knowing that he was in "uncleared" territory-Ryan stepped on an IED with his right foot. The device exploded, leaving his foot dangling at the end of his leg.

American soldiers losing a limb is an all-too-common occurrence. But what makes Ryan’s story different is that after undergoing two…

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