The World Doesn’t Work That Way – Yxta Maya MurRay

The World Doesn’t Work That Way – Yxta Maya Murray
epub | 2.22 MB | English | Isbn:B08B8Z2C5H |
Author: Yxta Maya Murray | PAge: 274 | Year: 2020


The gripping, thought-provoking stories in Yxta Maya Murray’s latest collection find their inspiration in the headlines. Here, ordinary people negotiate tentative paths through wildfire, mass shootings, bureaucratic incompetence, and heedless government policies with vicious impacts on the innocent and helpless. A nurse volunteers to serve in catastrophe-stricken Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and discovers that her skill and compassion are useless in the face of stubborn governmental inertia. An Environmental Protection Agency employee, whose agricultural-worker parents died after long exposure to a deadly pesticide, finds herself forced to find justifications for reversing regulations that had earlier banned the chemical. A Department of Education employee in a dystopic future America visits a highly praised charter school and discovers the horrific consequences of academic failure. A transgender trainer of beauty pageant contestants takes on a beautiful Latina for the Miss…

Category:American Literature Anthologies, Political Fiction, U.S. Short Stories

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