The Kirkfallen Stopwatch – J A Henderson

The Kirkfallen Stopwatch – J A Henderson
epub | 399.61 KB | English | Isbn:9781645706090 |
Author: J A Henderson | PAge: 436 | Year: 2019


A mass killer hunting his own daughter. A double murder in an idyllic community.
A research facility overrun by ants. They’re all part of the biggest con trick in history.

Welcome to the island of Kirkfallen

Winner of theDoncaster Book Award. Short-listed for theLeeds Book Award and RED Book Award.

‘Readers will feel like they’re clinging on for dear life. flipping the pages, desperate to know what happens next. This book is mad, bad and dangerous to read’ – Scotsman Newspaper

‘Highly original and extremely brave. a tour de force’ – Vulpis Libris
‘A riveting read. far ahead of the average conspiracy thriller’ – The Bookbag
‘Intelligent, visual and utterly gripping’ – Four Shires Magazine
‘A beautifully executed, finely crafted thriller’ – Write Away
‘Fast pace, genius plotting,¬†original storyline¬†and compelling characters.. Brilliant’
‘Tautly written. the story hurtles towards its somewhat alarming conclusion’ – Carousel Magazine

Category:Serial Killer Thrillers, Horror Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction

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