The Home Stretch – Sally Howard

The Home Stretch – Sally Howard
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Author: Sally Howard | PAge: 352 | Year: 2020


Forty years of feminism, and still women do the majority of the housework. Why?
In fact, whilst we’re making slow but steady gains on gender disparities in the workplace, at home the gap is widening – in the UK, middle-class men in their forties do less housework than their Baby Boomer counterparts did, while young American men are now twice as likely as their fathers to think a woman’s place is in the home. In the course of a year, the average heterosexual British woman puts in 12 more days of household labour than her male companion. And when ‘having it all’ so often means hiring a nanny or cleaner, is it something to aspire to?
Sally Howard joins up with a cohort of feminist separatists, undertakes a day’s shift with her Lithuanian cleaner, lives in a futuristic model home designed to anticipate our needs and meets latte papas and one-percent parents in this lively examination which combines history and fieldwork with her personal story.
The Home…

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