The Good Morning Mind – Theresa Puskar

The Good Morning Mind – Theresa Puskar
epub | 1.02 MB | English | Isbn:1722502673 |
Author: Theresa Puskar | PAge: 250 | Year: 2020


A commitment to cultivating mindfulness practices in your business is no longer optional, it is an imperative. Not only will mindful businesses survive in the 21st century, they will thrive as the world grows in its initiative to support integrity, creativity and diversity in the workplace. Integrating solid and definitive mindfulness practices into your business will create a greater sense of ease, innovation and well-being among your staff. Ultimately, they will feel safer and more self-assured, and in doing so will develop a loyalty to you and your business that will exponentially impact your bottom line. In this revolutionary new book, author Theresa Puskar will provide you with the tools you need to take your business to the next pillar of excellence. In it, you will be given techniques and develop the skills to:

  • Expel fear-based constrictive mindsets, and ignite genius and innovation
  • Build a sense of self-accountability, pride and ownership among your staff
  • Category:Spiritual Self-Help, Happiness

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