Krista’s Choice – Gemma Jackson

Krista’s Choice – Gemma Jackson
epub | 203.62 KB | English | Isbn:B089FHXQ4B |
Author: Gemma Jackson | PAge: 100 | Year: 2020


Krista thought she would settle into her new life but the world had other ideas. Germany and Hitler are threatening war. No one can turn a blind eye to what is happening. Her friend Perry, a young man injured in a horse riding accident, is bitter because he cannot fight for his country. Krista becomes involved in a plan to remove children from danger zones in Europe. Her skill at languages will be much in demand. But is that all that will be demanded of her? Perry and Krista are approached and asked to risk everything and travel into Germany. Are they brave enough to agree and survive what is asked of them?

Category:Biographical Literary Fiction, Historical Irish Fiction, Historical Biographical Fiction

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