Kiwi Strong (New Zealand Ever A – Rosalind James

Kiwi Strong (New Zealand Ever A – Rosalind James
epub | 505.69 KB | English | Isbn:B0864S47XB |
Author: Rosalind James | PAge: 482 | Year: 2020


People who say “love is trust” probably didn’t grow up in a cult.

My name is Daisy Nabhitha Kittredge. I chose it myself. As an RN in the Emergency department in one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals, there wasn’t much left in me of the sixteen-year-old girl, covered from neck to ankle and not allowed to make eye contact with a boy, who’d run away with five dollars in her pocket and terror in her heart.

Or maybe there was too much left of that girl, because I was still slow to trust. Slow to share. And a whole lot slow to get intimate. Which doesn’t put men off much, right?

Unless the man’s a tough Samoan ex-rugby player with sweetness and strength to spare. One who keeps fronting up to help even when you tell him you don’t need it. And what’s even harder to resist-one who wants to help your sisters, too.

I was going to end up sharing. I wasn’t going to be able to help it. But when my walls came down, would he want the person behind them?

Also-who was the person behind them?

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