Insight Yoga – Sarah Powers

Insight Yoga – Sarah Powers
epub | 96.4 MB | English | Isbn:B08BYV59D8 |
Author: Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley | PAge: 288 | Year: 2008


Acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Powers is known and loved for her unique approach-Insight Yoga-which combines traditional yoga with the meridians of Chinese medicine, as well as Buddhist meditation. Using Yin (passive) and Yang (dynamic) poses, she demonstrates a series of different yoga sequences that bring benefit to organs, muscles, joints, and tendons-as well as the mind. She also provides a foundational explanation of traditional Chinese medicine theory and mindfulness meditation instruction. Sarah Powers brings us on an inspiring journey inward, and shows the path for cultivating a lasting relationship with yoga that cultivates and strengthens our physical well-being and our mental and emotional clarity.

Category:Yoga, Alternative Therapies, Buddhism

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