His Tainted Ways – Jessica Mills

His Tainted Ways – Jessica Mills
epub | 481.45 KB | English | Isbn:B08WRHL9RJ |
Author: Jessica Mills | PAge: 281 | Year: 2021


I shouldn’t have lied about being engaged.

But it got my mom off my case for a while. Now to find someone to go with me to my baby sister’s wedding.

Lucky for me, a brooding cowboy from the bar will work just fine.

Especially since he’s everything a girl might want by her side or in her bed.

Crazily enough, when you fake it until you make it, sometimes you actually make it.

Now I’m falling for this wild stallion and he’s not used to being tamed.

It was just supposed to be one event, but something tells me it’s going to turn into many, many more.

Especially if he keeps sweeping me off my feet with his tainted ways.

I never wanted a bad boy, but now I have one.

And I ain’t giving him back.

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