Face of Evil

Face of Evil
epub | 1.37 MB | English | Isbn:B082T3HYY9 |
Author: George Morris De’Ath | PAge: 223 | Year: 2020


If you play games with a killer… you can’t afford to lose.
Looking for a subject for her book about evil, Lydia Tune travels to the infamous Mortem Asylum in Richmond, Virginia. Her target is Jason Devere, a death row serial killer notorious for his precise and grotesque murders.
Lydia is beautiful, ruthless and manipulative – she always gets what she wants. She knows the only way to get Jason to speak is to engage him in a dangerous battle of wits. Local detective and old friend Alex Gilbey warns her off the case, but he has no idea just how far Lydia will go to court darkness.
The more Lydia digs into Jason’s story, the clearer it becomes that there is a bigger story to uncover. But the problem with playing with killers is that they never play nice…
A glittering and suspenseful debut psychological thriller, Face of Evil is impossible to put down.

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