epub | 263.19 KB | English | Isbn:978-1592983926 |
Author: A D FOX | PAge: 200 | Year: 2021


On her way to work one summer morning, a beautiful young television anchorwoman vanishes without a trace. Precious little evidence remains: only her car and a few puzzling clues. Peer behind the scenes of this true crime story, and uncover the cold case file of Jodi Huisentruit, the Iowa anchorwoman who mysteriously disappeared before dawn that summer morning in 1995. Somewhere, someone still harbors the truth about what really happened. An intriguing and compelling case from the heartland of America, the search for Jodi Huisentruit baffles authorities. Multiple scenarios and theories abound. Sixteen years later, the memories of Jodi–and her disappearance–remain to haunt an entire industry, her family and friends, and a loyal viewing audience.
Written by a former television anchor woman with an inside look into the TV news business, this eerie and unforgettable mystery still poses more questions than answers.

Category:Journalist Biographies, Television Performer Biographies, Actor & Entertainer Biographies

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