Angel Flight (The Doyle Sisters – Kristen Kelly

Angel Flight (The Doyle Sisters – Kristen Kelly
epub | 385.01 KB | English | Isbn:B08SWNPMNZ |
Author: Kristen Kelly | PAge: 249 | Year: 2021


Some things are worth fighting for.
Maura Doyle was one of them.
I’ve been shot at, broke, stripped of everyone who ever mattered to me.
I jumped out of airplanes just for fun.
It never occurred to me that Miss Maura Doyle would be my biggest challenge yet.
I found her in an airport.
Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and legs that went on for centuries,
But with a nasty attitude that would have rivaled Godzilla’s.
But.something beneath that harsh exterior,
That take no prisoners fa├žade she carried around with her,
Screamed, ‘She is the one.’
Of course she didn’t know that yet.
Neither did I.
Not that this was any picnic or wild sweeping romance.
Not for us.
But some things are just worth waiting for and when you find that special someone capable of launching you into orbit, hold on for dear life because the flight will amazing.
Angel Flight by Kristen Kelly is the second book in the Doyle Sisters Series. A revised version of the original, it is meant for mature audiences only.

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"A fantastic well written romance. This storyline includes drama, secrets, mistakes, emotional turmoil, lies, twists and turns, mistakes and red hot chemistry."

"An amazing emotionally deep read! The characters are strong and complex."

"This book was gripping, well written & the chemistry between the characters sizzled throughout this wonderful read."


"Wonderful read!"

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