Motivational Yoga 100 Lessons For Strength Energy And Transformation

Motivational Yoga 100 Lessons For Strength Energy And Transformation
pdf, epub | 346.44 MB | English | Isbn:B07VCMRW6H |
Author: Nancy Gerstein | PAge: 470 | Year: 2019


The benefits of yoga are valuable to people of all ages and all fitness levels. Yoga teachers have a responsibility to keep classes fresh and challenging to help students discover their unlimited potential available. Serious yoga students have a personal responsibility to learn the principles of yoga in order to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.
Motivational Yoga simplifies that task with 100 easy-to-follow lesson plans that vary in length. The lessons progress from basic yoga asana and pranayama lessons for beginning students to more advanced material such as mindfulness and meditation.
Fully customizable to meet individual student needs, these ready-to-use lessons will save you valuable preparation time. Choose from beginning lessons focusing on body and breath awareness, basic postures, and breathing, or select more advanced instruction on the yamas and niyamas, guided relaxation, the heart center, the chakras, emotions, and mindfulness. You’ll…

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