In Cold Blood A Beatrix Rose Thrill

In Cold Blood A Beatrix Rose Thrill
pdf, epub | 2.95 MB | English | Isbn:B00SLWQGSY |
Author: Mark Dawson | PAge: 176 | Year: 2015


In the vein of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, action-packed In Cold Blood introduces readers to Beatrix Rose, an exciting new hero with a deadly vendetta.
As the most dangerous assassin in a government kill squad, Beatrix Rose isn’t the kind of person you want to upset. Ambushed and betrayed by her team, she’s driven underground and plans revenge.
Years later, she emerges from the Hong Kong underworld with payback on her mind and a list of six people who must pay for what they did to her. With their lives.
Revised edition: This edition of In Cold Blood contains editorial revisions.

Category:Add Narration for $3.99 or Less, Crime Fiction, Action & Adventure

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