How To Have Great Sex A Complete Guide on Making Love and Mind-Blowing Sex

How To Have Great Sex A Complete Guide on Making Love and Mind-Blowing Sex
mobi | 2.23 MB | English | Isbn:B00GZQTLIU |
Author: Sam Fury | PAge: 334 | Year: 2013


Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life!
3+ books in 1 makes this the only resource you need on how to have great sex.
It contains all the information from:

  • Yoga for Better Sex
  • 126 Sex Positions Guaranteed to Spice up Your Bedroom
  • Learn Tantric Sex

… and adds a whole lot more!
This is a must-have in your collection, because it is the only sex-manual you’ll ever need!
Get it now.

Discover the Foundations of Great Sex

  • The best foreplay to turn your lover on
  • How to give and receive amazing orgasms
  • All about taboo practices
  • Overcoming common sexual inhibitors such as premature ejaculation

All the Sex Positions You’ll Ever Need

  • No two positions are repeated!
  • From easy to athletic
  • From the very intimate to the downright dirty
  • Sexual positions for every couple
  • Grouped for easy reference
  • Easy to follow descriptions and tasteful illustrations

Yoga Routines to Increase Your Sexual Pleasure

  • Improve emotional and sexual connection
  • Alleviate sexual dysfunctions
  • Intensify orgasms
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Solo and partnered yoga routines

Unleash the Pleasure of Tantric Sex

  • Cultivate the mindset of the tantric lover to get the most out of your tantric romance
  • How to create a personal space most conducive to tantric sexual practice
  • Learn about chakras and how they play an important part in tantric sex
  • Ancient tantric and yogi rituals to open yourself to a higher sexual awakening
  • Understand exactly how orgasms work, and how to use the knowledge for maximum sexual pleasure

Learn all the above and much more!
Turn good sex into great sex, because this book has all the secrets you need!
Get it now.

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