How Not To Sell Why You Can t Close The Deal And How To Fix It

How Not To Sell Why You Can t Close The Deal And How To Fix It
pdf, epub | 2.19 MB | English | Isbn:B081MT7BZM |
Author: Mike Wicks | PAge: 176 | Year: 2020


You make the right calls all day, you deliver your pitches flawlessly, and you donate to every one of your potential client’s kid’s school fundraisers. But you still aren’t closing deals. What gives? Well, you’re clearly screwing something up, and it’s time you find out what it is.
It’s frustrating. Day in and day out, you are putting in the work with twelve-hour days and trips across town to meet clients. You study up on your competitors and rehearse your pitches every chance you get.
But still, you aren’t anywhere near your sales targets, and your bottom line hasn’t budged since your started. Chances are it’s not about what you’re doing right-it’s about what you’re doing wrong.
How Not to Sell is filled with interviews and stories of people who were being held back by the things they didn’t realize were working against them. The workplace is a minefield filled with politics and unspoken rules. This book is here to teach you:

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