The Handsome Billionaire Club – Derek – Becky Brandt

The Handsome Billionaire Club – Derek – Becky Brandt
epub | 90.09 KB | English | Isbn:B08VF82J63 |
Author: Becky Brandt | PAge: 52 | Year: 2021


After a rough break-up and inheriting my father’s multi-million dollar company I go to a party with some of the highest class people in the world. I’d rather be at home reading until he approaches me; Derek Winchester. Dashing, silky slicked-back hair and a complete Casanova. I’m in trouble. Big trouble.
I lead a lifestyle most people can’t even imagine as the head of a major design firm. The party I’m at is medie until I spot her; she’s a ravishing beauty, slender, brunette, with a familiarly gorgeous face. She doesn’t try too hard with the makeup, and her shimmery lips are curved to perfection. I must have her. At any cost.
The Handsome Billionaire series – a handful of handsome Alpha men who know what they want when they see it. A wealth full of excitement and romance.

Category:90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Contemporary Short Stories, Single Authors Short Stories

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