Gilded Moon – R OLeary

Gilded Moon – R OLeary
epub | 303.03 KB | English | Isbn:B08WK38MXD |
Author: R. O’Leary | PAge: 101 | Year: 2021


Is he bargaining for his escape. or her affection?

How the hell is she supposed to turn wheat into gold? Jaya has no idea- but when a greedy tyrant confuses her for a legendary race of alien alchemists, she has no choice but to figure it out quick. The alien in the next cell has a few thoughts.

The handsome devil wants to make a deal, but she doesn’t trust the sly look in his eyes. or the way her heart flutters when he smiles.

The sweet, little human sharing the dungeon might be exactly what Rym needs to finally escape. A broker of interstellar deals, he’s used to pulling strings like a puppeteer. until stubborn Jaya. She’s sassy and beautiful, and the only thing keeping his hands off of her are the bars between them.

The silver-eyed alien always loved a challenge.

They need each other to survive-but the attraction burning between them might be more than either of them bargained for.

Galactic Fairy Tales:
1. Vermilion StarsĀ 

2. Crystal Nebula
3. Bound Nova (March 2021)


Gilded Moon

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