Dont Promise Me Rainbows – Susan Aylworth

Dont Promise Me Rainbows – Susan Aylworth
epub | 302.51 KB | English | Isbn:B08W3DKPJG |
Author: Susan Aylworth | PAge: 191 | Year: 2021


When faced with a birthing emergency in his prized breeding stock, pig farmer Chris McAllister calls the local veterinarian for help. He expects the wiry middle-aged man his family has long trusted, not a petite, but tough young woman whose edgy personality could qualify her as an Amazon queen from Greek Mythology. Even so, he can’t avoid a magnetic attraction to the pretty, red-haired vet.

Beneath her composure and stiff professional demeanor, Sarah McGill hides deeply painful secrets. She’s only returned to Rainbow Rock for a short time, to fill in for her dad while he recovers from a nasty knee injury. The last thing she needs is some cute cowboy-stirring up trouble, digging for answers, making her feel emotions she hoped never to feel again.

When a project for the Navajo Nation throws them together, Chris and Sarah must decide whether they can risk their hearts to promises that come without guarantees.

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