Dirty Little Secrets A Hillcrest Novella – Trilina Pucci

Dirty Little Secrets A Hillcrest Novella – Trilina Pucci
epub | 426.3 KB | English | Isbn:B08TY6QPQC |
Author: Trilina Pucci | PAge: 98 | Year: 2021


Everyone has a dirty little secret…I just have two.
Welcome to Hillcrest–old money, new blood.
Prep School’s never been so scandalous.

Trilina Pucci gives you a naughty little novella, introducing new characters: Jackson, Holt and Ava.
With guest appearances by some of your favorites from Filthy Little Pretties as well as an Easter egg or two.
This story was originally included in an anthology and has been enhanced with new chapters as well as a bonus epilogue.

This novella does not need to be read to understand the series, but may enhance your reading experience for Vicious Little Snakes.

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