View To A Kill (1985)

View To A Kill (1985)
pdf | 15.16 MB | English | Isbn:1945551860 |
Author: Andy Weinberger | PAge: 65 | Year: 2020


The highly anticipated second Amos Parisman mystery
“Amos Parisman is one of the most unique PIs in literary history.”
Gumshoe Magazine
Somewhat-retired L.A. private eye Amos Parisman is hired by lonely booking agent Pinky Bleistiff to find one of his missing singers, Risa Barsky. But what starts as a simple investigation turns into a complex puzzle when Pinky is murdered and Risa is still nowhere to be found. With suspects dropping dead at every turn, Parisman must act quickly to discover the truth about Risa’s relationship with Pinky before an innocent person gets sent to prison.

Category:Jewish Literature, Jewish Literature & Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries

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