Twisted Justice by William Bernhardt

Twisted Justice by William Bernhardt
epub | 402.67 KB | English | Isbn:1948263602 |
Author: William Bernhardt | PAge: 332 | Year: 2020


If he loses this case, the consequence is death…
Ever since his father’s wrongful incarceration, defense lawyer Daniel Pike has defended the innocent at any cost. But he’s stunned when his archrival DA is found shot dead and brutally crucified. And after Pike himself lands in jail for the crime, he smells a terrifying setup.
Fearing he’ll suffer the same fate as his parent, the determined attorney uncovers evidence that the DA was involved with a sinister sex-trafficking ring. But with the prosecution presenting an ironclad case against him, it’s clear someone wants Pike out of the way. And if they can’t get him with a lethal injection, they may resort to bullets…
Can Pike get to the truth before he’s condemned to die behind bars?
Twisted Justice is the tense fourth novel in the Daniel Pike Legal Thrillers series. If you like dark conspiracies, heart-stopping suspense, and courtroom battles against the…

Category:Customary Law, Torts Law, Litigation

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