The Tea Shoppe Mysteries

The Tea Shoppe Mysteries
epub | 3.8 MB | English | Isbn:B08MPY8DPT |
Author: Darlene Franklin | PAge: 379 | Year: 2021


A tea shoppe along the coast of Maine is connected to a year’s worth of mysterious deaths.
Starting one winter day, Georgina finds the mayor poisoned by a plate of petit fours. That spring, Evie’s favorite customer and recipe tester is killed. While out delivering scones for her summer job, Ashley discovers a crime scene to practice her student training in forensics. Against a backdrop of vibrant fall foliage, Ladessa discovers a corpse at table number four.
How can one small shoppe’s employees be connected to so many deaths, and will the business ever recover?

Category:Christian Fiction Collections & Anthologies, Christian Short Stories, Christian Suspense

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