The New Black Mask #5

The New Black Mask #5
pdf | 6.11 MB | English | Isbn:978-0156654845 |
Author: various | PAge: 254 | Year: 1986


Featuring the best from the modern masters of detective, intrigue, suspense, and mystery fiction: "William Haggard: An Interview"; "Timeo Danaos" & "Commentary on Timeo Danaos" by William Haggard; "After the Thin Man: Part 1" by Dashiell Hammett; "Action at Vicksburg" by Irvin Faust; "Shopping Cart Howard" by James Lee Snyder; "Rain in Pinton County" by Robert Sampson; "Family Butcher" by George Sims; "High Darktown" by James Ellroy; and "Some Jobs Are Simple" by Chet Williamson.

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