The Laws of the Spirit World

The Laws of the Spirit World
pdf | 10.64 MB | English | Isbn:B08QJLCWZH |
Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri | PAge: 372 | Year: 2020


★ This celebrity-endorsed, self-help book, is one of the most succinct, applicable and enjoyable pieces in the world of self-help and personal philosophy today.★

★ "Practical step-by-step guidebook to catapulting one’s life to the next level" 

Beginning with FOREWORD by Alicia Olatuja, Founder / Creator of Vocal Breakthrough Academy, embark on a tour of ancient temples in Tamil Nadu, India, explore the meaning of life in the restaurant of a 5-star hotel in Chennai, and then through world travel and exciting life anecdotes discover a definitive handbook on how to arrange or structure your life-that can bring peace of mind, inspire an active creativity-and even assist your rise (and maintenance) to states of peak performance.  

★ From Prescript…
"Having a profound philosophy available is always useful, and especially valid in times of personal and even global upheaval.  If you are starting out in life and wish for more direction, or find yourself at a position where tides are changing and you need direction or focus for what’s to come- investigate this theory.  And if you find yourself in a state of general apprehension for the world at large, even perhaps your place in it, read on!…

★ Endorsements…

•Linda Arsenio, actress, model, star of Hindi films hits such as Kabul Express.
“Christopher Temporelli takes readers on an inspiring, magical, and exciting journey in this beautifully laid out and practical step-by-step guidebook to catapulting one’s life to the next level.  A must-read for anyone seeking direction or simply wanting to love and appreciate their life as it is-right now. Temporelli’s FLOW System has truly motivated me to take immediate action in my own life with great enthusiasm and utter positivity…”
•Mike Figgis, filmmaker, musician, Academy Award nominated director for the film, “Leaving Los Vegas.”
"I’m reading Christopher Temporelli’s FLOW in a quarantine approved hotel in Hong Kong.  With two weeks of isolation ahead of me I contemplate my place in the universal map.  The book taps into many of the issues we are all experiencing right now and the author shares with us his travel experiences and insights with disarming charm."
•Hyun Jun Jang, producer BEFM English Radio and former Lieutenant, Korean Special Forces.
"This is a story full of energy.helps us find our way in life."

★ Read the FLOW Laws.and begin the journey to your best self !!
"From a journey spanning the globe, learn seven Laws to guide your life into the creative process, attain peace of mind, and level-up to your peak performance. The FLOW Freedom Laws of the World ™ will flow with you on your way to a new dynamic reality.  Beginning on a quest in the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu, India, the book seamlessly weaves stories and anecdotes from NYC to Cambodia, from South Korea to the jungles of Central America, from Thailand to Caribbean beaches and concerts across North America-along with the seven Laws.  On the way, you will learn the secrets to manifest your reality.  From business to celebrity encounters, clues dropped from the world and “FLOW Agents,” Dr. Temporelli clearly explains the keys to the process."

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