The Djinn (1978) by Graham Masterton

The Djinn (1978) by Graham Masterton
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Author: Graham Masterton | PAge: 202 | Year: 2013


Anna is mysterious and beautiful, so much so that clairvoyant, Harry Erskine, breaks propriety and asks her out to lunch at his Godfather’s wake. When his Godmother, Marjorie Greaves, reveals the strange behaviour of her recently deceased husband, Max, Harry and Anna offer to investigate the strange jar that has been locked away in the turret. Harry soon learns that Anna is not all that she seems, and little can prepare him for the power of the Forty Thieves, the most potent genie in the history of Persia.

Racing against time, Harry, Anna and Professor Qualt must work together to prevent an unexpected enemy from opening the jar and unleashing the ancient and prevailing djinn on an unsuspecting world.

Graham Masterton’s terrifying 1977 novel is republished by Telos in a brand new edition, complete with an exclusive introduction by the author.

‘Graham Masterton is one of the few true masters of the horror genre.’ James Herbert

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