Tethered Magick – Harper Wylde

Tethered Magick – Harper Wylde
epub | 497.6 KB | English | Isbn:B08M63GCR6 |
Author: Harper Wylde | PAge: 341 | Year: 2021


Some secrets are better left buried, but now that I know, my life will never be the same again.

With the bloodletting on the horizon and a meeting with the elders that goes horribly awry, the supernatural world is descending upon me like a hoard of hungry vampires-and each one of their leaders wants something from me in return for their fealty.

As my world unravels one secret at a time, it’s hard to know who to believe, or who to trust. The only thing I know is that I need to save my father, and I’ll go to any lengths to do just that.

Together, my mates and I fend off betrayals, enemies, shades, and the darkness that threatens to drag me under with each trip to the veil I make. One by one they claim me, tethering me to the mortal realm and strengthening my magick, making me a weapon aimed straight at the heart of the one who dares to cross us.

But my mates aren’t the only creatures with sharp fangs haunting the night, and as I navigate the twists and turns around every corner, I find it hard not to get bitten.

You see, there’s this saying, once bitten, twice shy, but whoever wrote that must not know me, because I’m no coward, and I’m not afraid.

I have fangs of my own.

And I bite back.

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