Stirring Her Cowboy – Kathy Fawcett

Stirring Her Cowboy – Kathy Fawcett
epub | 349.17 KB | English | Isbn:B08L56QDYV |
Author: Fawcett, Kathy | PAge: 197 | Year: 2021


The New Ranch Chef has the Cowboy’s Temperature Rising. But She’s Got Him on the Cooling Rack.

Life is fun and games for Colton West, until his steamy introduction to ranch’s beautiful new cook. But she’s a trained chef, not some chuckwagon bean-slinger, and wants Colton to simmer down. When their grizzled old camp cook retires, the last thing Colton expects is to fall in love with his replacement. But when Chef Liu Chen feeds his body and soul, his heart isn’t far behind.

Liu is an accomplished and confident fourth-generation Chinese-American. Her family lineage of Wyoming ancestors is as thick and rich as her bechamel sauce. Remembering the struggles and heartbreaks of their ancestors, her parents and grandparents discourage her from falling in love with a cowboy. But Colton is not going down without a fight. And Liu’s heart begins to soften toward this man working so hard to earn her love.

Fun and heartfelt, whether you’re looking for your next sweet romantic comedy or a small-town contemporary romance.

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