Rudolf Hilferding What Do We Still Have to Learn from His Legacy

Rudolf Hilferding What Do We Still Have to Learn from His Legacy
epub | 1.57 MB | English | Isbn:B08VN3SQQ5 |
Author: Judith Dellheim, Frieder Otto Wolf | PAge: 435 | Year: 2020


This edited volume is focused on Hilferding’s major work, Finance Capital. In revisiting this influential book from a methodological point of view, both historical and intellectual, this book affirms Hilferding’s place in the Marxist tradition. Hilferding’s ideas are used to criticise incumbent approaches in economics and enrich existing discussions and debates about the nature of modern capitalism. In doing so, this book highlights the importance of Hilferding’s work in analysing and understanding modern capitalism and corporate developments.
The volume has contributions from a range of expert scholars addressing various aspects of Hilferding’s arguments. It elaborates on Hilferding’s central idea on the political economy, as well as its historical context, and its relation to Marx. Contributors move on to criticize Hilferding’s views on the political economy and politics in general. This book is relevant to those interested in the political economy, the history of economic thought, and European politics.

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