Pining For My Trainer – Lauren Milson

Pining For My Trainer – Lauren Milson
epub | 154.11 KB | English | Isbn:B08VRPZWPZ |
Author: Lauren Milson, Daniella Cole | PAge: 37 | Year: 2021


Bridesmaid gowns.
You’re supposed to order them two sizes up from your regular size.
I did not know this. Was I supposed to know this?
At least all my years in grad school have made me good at problem solving.
Five weeks to fit into this dress? No problem. Sign up for a gym. Suck it up.
I can deal with some temporary discomfort.
The burning muscles. The sweat.
What I can’t deal with is my reaction to my gorgeous trainer…
He and I are like night and day.
I’m soft. He’s…hard.
I’m petite and curvy. He’s…big. And did I mention hard?
And downright infuriating. He’s tough with me. Doesn’t want to hear any excuses.
Now I’m burning up and sweating for a different reason.
I never thought a fitness freak like him would want a curvy girl like me, but his gorgeous smile and the possessive, intense way he’s looking at me as I strut my stuff on the elliptical is telling a very different story…

"Pining For My Trainer" is a short, sweet, high-heat romance.

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