In Between Forever A Small Tow – Mika Jolie

In Between Forever A Small Tow – Mika Jolie
epub | 347.5 KB | English | Isbn:B08RRP2CH2 |
Author: Mika Jolie | PAge: 214 | Year: 2021


What happens when happily ever after isn’t?

For Keely and Blake Alexander, the vows were easy, the love unconditional, and the promise eternal. But when life comes crashing forth, bringing a hard, cold slap of reality in their fairytale, Keely and Blake question everything they ever wanted.
As their carefree, happy marriage begins to crumble, they’re faced with a truth they never saw coming. Suddenly, battling from opposing sides, they find themselves struggling with until death do us part.
With a promise of forever, can they find a way to make it work all the times in between?

IN BETWEEN FOREVER is a heartwarming, angsty small town romance. It is the fifth book of the Martha’s Way series.

**Each book in the Martha’s Way series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed alone or out of order.**

Series Order:
Book #1 The Scale
Book #2 Need You Now
Book #3 Tattooed Hearts
Book #4 Wrapped in Red – A Christmas Novella
Book #4 In Between Forever – Available February 4, 2021

Category:Friendship Fiction, Women’s Adventure Fiction, Black & African American Women’s Fiction

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