Growing Pains The perfect laugh out loud – Joanne Phillips

Growing Pains The perfect laugh out loud – Joanne Phillips
epub | 303.01 KB | English | Isbn:B08VN6NN6R |
Author: Phillips, Joanne | PAge: 221 | Year: 2021


♥ Stella’s back! Book 3 in the Stella Hill rom com series ♥ “Absolutely brilliant, laugh-out-loud funny.”

Stella Hill is living the dream – new baby, new house, and a new husband. She’s finally made it … life should be plain sailing from here. Right?

When Stella’s daughter posts an embarrassing wedding video online, Stella resolves to stop being such a calamity – it’s time for her to grow up and fit in. Unfortunately, for Stella fitting in is easier said than done …

Before long, Stella is completely out of her depth – and even her family is turning against her. Drowning in friendship troubles and dirty nappies, can Stella put herself back together again before she tears everything else apart?

Growing Pains is a hilarious coming-of-middle-age story with a serious message and a big heart, all about the lives we lead and the lies we tell ourselves.

Category:Family Life Fiction, Family Life Fiction, Romantic Comedy

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