Fatal Headwind (Maria Kallio Mystery Series, Book 6) by Leena Lehtolainen

Fatal Headwind (Maria Kallio Mystery Series, Book 6) by Leena Lehtolainen
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After months of maternity leave, tough-talking Espoo police detective Maria Kallio is ready to return to work. But before assuming her new post as head of the Violent Crime Unit, she vacations with her husband and daughter on the island of Rödskär. There Kallio learns that, one year earlier, her ex-boyfriend Harri had mysteriously fallen to his death from the isle’s steep and treacherous cliffs.
On the anniversary of that event, Harri’s boss, the CEO of an allegedly nontoxic paint company, loses his life on those very same rocks. In light of such a coincidence, Kallio searches for the link between these two tragedies and is soon convinced that they weren’t accidents-they were murders. As the Finnish nights grow longer, so too does the list of suspects. Was the CEO’s disillusioned wife involved? His environmental-activist son? Or perhaps his rebellious daughter? Or might the culprit be his half brother, an adventurous sailor whom Kallio finds altogether a little too intriguing?
From internationally bestselling Finnish author Leena Lehtolainen comes the sixth book of the gripping Maria Kallio Mystery series.

About the Author
Leena Lehtolainen was born in Vesanto, Finland, to parents who taught language and literature. At the age of ten, she wrote her first book, a young adult novel, which was published two years later. Lehtolainen has a passion for figure skating, attending many competitions as a skating journalist and writing for a Finnish figure-skating magazine, Taitoluistelu. Fatal Headwind is the sixth installment in the bestselling Maria Kallio Series, which debuted in English in 2012 with My First Murder and continued with Her Enemy, Copper Heart, Snow Woman, and Death Spiral. She is also the author of the romantic suspense Bodyguard Trilogy. Lehtolainen lives in Finland with her husband and two sons.

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