Deception A Driven World Novel – A S Roberts

Deception A Driven World Novel – A S Roberts
epub | 390.18 KB | English | Isbn:979-8595308861 |
Author: A.S. Roberts, KB Worlds | PAge: 315 | Year: 2021


Brock Racing Indy car almost cost me everything.Luckily, I still have my son.But I will always remember the cruel pain of deception twisting in my gut.And I’ve learned my lesson.When your life falls apart, you get back up and hold onto the truth.TillyMoving to America to be a psychologist for a race team offers a new start.For me and my daughter.But I will never forget the terrifying sting of deceit.After what we went through, I won’t make the same mistakes again.And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my daughter safe.Now, with us both on the same track, the future has never looked better.But life is full of ups and downs…Twist and turns…Full throttle bursts and earth shattering emergency stops.When our pasts come speeding back into our lane, can we discover where the truth ends and the lies begin?A. S. Robert’s Deception is a sweet, sexy and emotionally raw, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World project.

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