Ceremony of Lust Rebecca Gallo

Ceremony of Lust Rebecca Gallo
epub | 343.02 KB | English | Isbn:B08R5NK66G |
Author: Rebecca Gallo | PAge: 270 | Year: 2021


In Ripley, the fate of every woman is decided on her eighteenth birthday. And I’m no exception.
When Zev Landau is chosen to be my husband, it’s not my inexperience that frightens me. It’s him.
In Ripley, every man has free will. Except for me.
For too long, I’ve done the bidding of the town Elders. They’ve used me as their enforcer but when I’m chosen to marry Yael Blum, I know it’s time to change.
When one man covets what I’ve been given, my life and my freedom aren’t the only things at stake.
Will true love be my salvation or my downfall?

Category:Coming of Age Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Romantic Suspense

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