Bullseye An Alpha Male MC Bike – Ivy Black

Bullseye An Alpha Male MC Bike – Ivy Black
epub | 416.1 KB | English | Isbn:B08R12DGCQ |
Author: Ivy Black | PAge: 186 | Year: 2021


What’s scarier than living with a dark secret? Falling in love with someone who has one too.

They don’t call me Bullseye for nothing.
I always hit my mark.
And my sights are set on the new prospect for the Steel Knights-Seneca.

She’s beautiful, smart, and strong enough to stand up to the guys in the club.
Only it can’t be anything more than fun with her.
Not when I have a huge secret that might follow me here from New York.

If they find me, all I can do is run again.
But when Seneca is the one who does the running.
I have to follow her.

Even if it leads me right back where I never wanted to set foot again.
The place that might get me killed.

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