Adored by Landon (Small Town Lo – Cameron Hart

Adored by Landon (Small Town Lo – Cameron Hart
epub | 184 KB | English | Isbn:B08SBFVPCS |
Author: Cameron Hart | PAge: 74 | Year: 2021


Landon: The last thing I want to be doing at nine in the evening is driving out to see what old Mr. Leroy is complaining about. But that’s what I signed up for when I became the sheriff of Still Creek, Minnesota. I never would have expected the old man to be fighting with an angel in the parking lot of his antique store. And I certainly never expected to offer her my guest bedroom. She’s runnin’ from something, that’s for sure, but I hope soon she’ll be runnin’ right into my arms. I’ll protect her from the whole world if only she’ll let me. Looks like I won’t be alone this Valentine’s Day…

Zoe: I’ve been on the run for days now. I don’t even remember how I ended up in the tiny town of Still Creek. The last person I ever thought would be nice to me is a giant, tatted-up sheriff. If he only knew what kind of criminal he had sleeping in his guest room, he’d never look at me again. I’ll just have to savor every sweet, heated moment he gives me while it lasts.

What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

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