A Very Strange Trip by L Ron Hubbard, Dave Wolverton PDF

A Very Strange Trip by L Ron Hubbard, Dave Wolverton PDF
pdf | 360.94 KB | English | Isbn:1592120016 |
Author: L. Ron Hubbard | PAge: 141 | Year: 1998


Private Dumphee, the military’s renowned cargo driver, is about to have a very bad few millennia on this VERY STRANGE TRIP.
He is a stranger to technology in action. He is use too running valuable commodities, such as moonshine in the rough country. Not a time machine during a volatile storm. The combination of bad weather and bad timing has gotten Dumphee into a very precarious position.
In this urban fantasy, Dumphee will have to face off against Mayan civilization, prehistoric threat, the countdown of a clock and Native Americans dead set on having him for a new headpiece. His defenses are some faulty futuristic military weapons and three squaw intent on being his wife (a woman’s adventure with a twist!)
Dumphee doesn’t know how he’s going to make it, but with some promises to his stubborn companions and a few bright ideas he may just make it back home alive.
“A wild, high-tech ride through time. Read it to have a rollicking good time.” -Brian Herbert, co-author Dune: House Attreides

Category:Humorous Dark Comedy, Humorous Science Fiction, Action & Adventure Short Stories

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