You Rock A New Adult Valentine – Lola West

You Rock A New Adult Valentine – Lola West
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Author: Lola West | PAge: 119 | Year: 2021


Who knew love was an item up for grabs? 
♥Olivia ♥

For once in my life I have a weekend to myself. No little sisters, no job, just me, visiting an old friend, celebrating Valentine’s day, and pretending I’m a carefree college student. Hungry for adventure, I’m spending my last night of freedom attending Lust and Found: A Blind Date Scavenger Hunt. I was hoping to get paired with a carefree hottie. But, instead I’m stuck with an uptight, straight-laced, stick in the mud. At least the hottie part is still in place. 
♥ Eric ♥
I’m a music major, a future recording engineer, and I should be in the studio working. Instead I’m participating in this silly game because my friends think it’s time for me to hook up with a girl, any girl. They can’t understand the pressure and responsibility I feel to succeed. My parents think that compared to science or math, music is a joke, so I have to prove myself a talent beyond measure. But you can’t turn down your friends every time they ask, so now, I’m burdened with this sparkling sprite of a woman. She’s got lavender hair and an irritatingly joyful personality. There’s just something about her, I can’t seem to look away. 

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