War of Shadows Codebreakers, Spies by Gershom Gorenberg

War of Shadows Codebreakers, Spies by Gershom Gorenberg
epub | 2.79 MB | English | Isbn:B084G8VY53 |
Author: Gershom Gorenberg | PAge: 482 | Year: 2021


Rommel’s army is a day from Cairo, a week from Tel Aviv. The SS is ready for action. Espionage brought the Nazis this far. Espionage can stop them – if Washington wakes up to the danger.

As World War II raged in North Africa, General Irwin Rommel was guided by an uncanny sense of his enemies’ plans and weaknesses. In the summer of 1942, he led his Axis army swiftly and terrifyingly toward Alexandria, with the goal of overrunning the entire Middle East. Each step was informed by detailed updates on British positions. The Nazis, somehow, had a source for the Allies’ greatest secrets.

Yet the Axis powers were not the only ones with intelligence. Brilliant Allied cryptographers worked relentlessly at Bletchley Park, breaking down the extraordinarily complex Nazi code Enigma. From decoded German messages, they discovered that the enemy had a wealth of inside information. On the brink of disaster, a fevered and high-stakes search for the source began….

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